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From glue to polish, you’ll find everything you need to get the perfect finish.

everything you need for a perfect finish

At WP Hardwood we believe that finishing should be part of the planning and preparation process in any project. Whilst finishing requires time and patience the products used should be easy to use, quick drying where possible and should do the job first time.

Good finishing will highlight an item’s quality and workmanship and show it off at its very best.

Brush and woodstain

our accessories

Finishing Oil, Lemon Oil, Hard Wax Oil (gloss), Food Safe Finish, Cellulose Sanding Sealer, Acrylic Sanding Sealer and Friction Polish.

Woodwork accessoriesWoodwork accessoriesWoodwork accessoriesWoodwork accessoriesWoodwork accessoriesWoodwork accessories
plus many other hardwood boards, contact us or visit our store

buy online

WP Hardwood offers buying online for you to get the materials you need. Click on the link below to view our store. If there is something you require but don't see it in the store you can contact us, either via the online contact form, or on the phone. We can discuss your requirements, including types of wood, sizes and uses, and give you a competitive cost including labor and delivery.

case study

“I was in the process of building a bar and purchased a stunning piece of natural edge kiln dried Ash timber from WP hardwood Ltd, I was very impressed with the service and advice, the information provided was very informative, the product range was very good (albeit mainly Chestnut products) I opted for Woodwax 22 from a large range of oils and finishes after some consultation which proved to be perfect and provided the finish I had planned, I also purchased a number of different sandpapers from coarse to fine which provided the correct finish prior to waxing.  Very competitive prices and Paul is exceptionally helpful going that extra mile”

Robert Paterson.

Applying oil to wood
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