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stunning hardwood boards

Our stunning bespoke wooden boards / slabs are ideal to craft solid wooden furniture.

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Our stunning bespoke wooden boards / slabs are ideal to craft solid wooden furniture whether it be a vast dining room table, small coffee table, decorative finishing’s, benches, seats, shelves and bar or worktops. Our unique boards / slabs are available unfinished, part or fully finished. We specialise in unique Scottish hardwood timber that we source locally where possible, we mill, store and kiln dry onsite.

A selection of hardwood

our boards

Our boards are all locally sourced timber.  These are milled, air dried then finished off in the kiln.  We offer dressed or natural edge boards. Once cut, boards are air dried for a set period before kiln drying, we believe that slow drying timber provides good quality stable timber, whilst this takes longer air drying is essential to slowly release stresses in the timber which means that the boards less prone to splitting and warping.

When the wood is air dried to a suitable moisture content it is moved into our kiln for finishing.

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plus many other hardwood boards, contact us or visit our store

need something special? we can help

Are you looking for something for a specific task, but not sure where to start? Get in touch to have a chat about your requirements, and we’ll advise on a solution which can be tailored to your needs. Because we offer a variety of wood in different form factors, we a confident that we can help you achieve your goal.

Hardwood boards

buy online

WP Hardwood offers buying online for you to get the materials you need. Click on the link below to view our store. If there is something you require but don't see it in the store you can contact us, either via the online contact form, or on the phone. We can discuss your requirements, including types of wood, sizes and uses, and give you a competitive cost including labor and delivery.

case study

“I set out to make a bespoke, unique epoxy river bar. Paul at WP hardwood ltd helped me decide on the type and style of timber with his specialist knowledge in this trade. The timber I received was dry, ready to go and flattened to a high standard. The timber looks amazing now I’ve poured the epoxy and I’m thoroughly impressed with the service and product I received”.

Martin Bruce

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